Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Bowery building once owned by Andy Warhol is up for auction

ICYMI: A 4-story building on the Bowery that Andy Warhol once owned is on the auction block. 

According to materials from Paramount Realty USA, the minimum bid for 342 Bowery between Bond and Great Jones is $5.699 million. The auction takes place on Dec. 8.

Per the listing, Warhol bought this 5-unit property along with 57 Great Jones St., which is now available to rent, in 1970. According to the Post, which first reported on the auction, "the Warhol estate subsequently separated the two buildings. The seller of 342 Bowery has owned it since 1992." 

The history of 342 is said to include that "Basquiat created works of art in the backyard and The Cramps performed in the basement." 

The high-end sushi restaurant Yoshino New York is currently in the retail space.

Revisit this EVG post from 2015 to look at an early tenant here.


Anonymous said...

I've really appreciated the activist messages painted on the top floor fire escape door over the years. I always make a point to stop and see if the resident has posted something new and appropriately angry.

Anonymous said...

“appropriately angry” :-)