Sunday, November 6, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a random photo from St. Mark's Place and 3rd Avenue)... 

• At the last night of the Pyramid Club on Avenue A (Monday

• Citing a reorganization, Mikey Likes It Ice Cream closes Avenue A location (Thursday

• A very Avenue B Halloween (Tuesday)

• A fundraising raffle to help Lower East Side families this Thanksgiving (Tuesday

• Owners of Joyface debut HiLot on Avenue C (Tuesday)

• Key Food is back to 24/7 (Monday

• The 9th Precinct touts a big drug bust in Tompkins Square Park (Thursday)

• Just what the doctor ordered? MedRite Urgent Care debuts on 14th and 3rd (Friday)

• Check out the new single by Hello Mary (Friday

• A busy week for milling in the East Village (Monday

• Demolition complete on the Bowery for the New Museum annex (Wednesday

• Mug & Cup space is now in possession of the landlord on Avenue C (Thursday)

• Activity at the former Associated on 14th Street (Wednesday

• The former Nomad space is for rent on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• How long will this booted Dodge Durango sit here on 11th Street? (Friday

• SantaCon 2022 is now on the clock (Monday)

• Double-decker plywood report (Monday

... and a last look at Halloween courtesy of Derek Berg...
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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good Fran, but she'd not carry her own book, right? Rather some oddball classic or Toni Morrison or James Baldwin or some other high caliber writer. What do the bottlecaps represent? Do tell.