Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Compilation Coffee has closed for now on St. Mark's Place

After less than two months in business, Compilation Coffee has closed for now at 102 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Multiple EVG readers passed along updates that the pour-over coffee shop has not been opening in recent days, and there are packing containers inside the storefront.

Yelp reports that the business is temporarily closed, with a May 1, 2023, reopening, while Google lists Compilation Coffee as "permanently closed." The shop's website notes that Compilation Coffee Roasters 2.0 is coming soon...
Compilation Coffee has not yet responded to our messages about the situation here.

Industry vet Noah Jashinski, who has worked with brands like Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle and Stumptown, is behind Compilation Coffee, which just debuted in early September.

The business was looking to set itself apart in its offerings — no fancy iced mocha frappĂ© drinks — and support to the community with the following values statement: "We believe in inclusion, transparency, and service." 

The shop also had a curbside space built for patrons last week ...
Bottom photo and screengrabs via Steven


Anonymous said...

We see this time and and time again, restaurants/cafes opened without any design consultation. Perhaps if there was a place to sit, a more welcoming interior and more approachable pricing it would have worked

Anonymous said...

approachable pricing?

Anonymous said...

How long will we be looking at THAT new shed? All winter???

Or was it put up in anticipation of a new business that *won't* be a coffee business?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Built a curbside structure LAST WEEK? First of all, you weren't even open anywhere near the pandemic, this shouldn't be allowed. Second of all, you're probably wasting your money, you're just a little coffee shop, and you're going to most likely be ordered to take it down soon enough. Ridiculous all around. Aside from that, hope they do great, and people skip Starbucks :-)

Anonymous said...

@1:25pm: Indeed, why are NEW restaurants or coffee shops allowed to put up NEW sheds, when we are (according to NYC) out of the pandemic? We are fully back to indoor dining, and that should be the end of that.

This is one more reason that, if there's ever another "emergency" like the onset of the pandemic in 2020, I'll be 100% AGAINST giving any freebies to businesses for any reason.

We see all around us the evidence of businesses that now take for granted the generosity of the taxpayers, and the goodwill of others for them. I'm DONE "helping" businesses: make it or don't make it, but don't take the taxpayers for a ride this way.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors, please report this abandoned shed:

Anonymous said...

Hilarious when the kid working there explained to me that their goal was to empower me to brew coffee at home.

I told him I didn't need empowerment to be able to pour hot water on chopped up beans but thanks.

Pretty freaking good coffee though.

Anonymous said...

This could have been avoided, coffee shop with no espresso= quick failure every time. This cafe tried literally the exact same thing and failed in about the same amount of time.