Thursday, December 1, 2022

On the topic of long-vacant lots

Once again, the entrance gate is broken to the long-empty lot at 89 First Ave. between Fifth Street and Sixth Street. (Thanks to Steven for the photos.) 

Despite this, the broken purple office chair that has been here for weeks remains in place...
There is some new news here. The Department of Buildings has given partial approval for permits to construct a 6-floor building with eight residential units (condos?) and ground-floor retail. (The permits had been pending since May 2020.) In total, the proposed structure is 8,183 square feet. 

In 2017, the city never approved plans for a similar-sized structure — eight units, six floors.

There isn't any timeline on when construction may commence here.

This previous EVG post has more about the space's history.


JAMES said...

No. Let it Be!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of long-vacant lots, there has been no sign of activity at the former Straus Auto Parts site at 14th and C since the Community Board approved a high-rise there last June. Anyone know what’s going on?

Anonymous said...

Developers ran into the same problem as some other construction sites in the area, the water table. Most of the Lower East Side sit’s on an old salt marsh and there’s a lot of water moving around under there.