Sunday, May 5, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (plus the crowd watching the wisteria on Stuyvesant Street — photo by Steven)...

• When a Dodge Charger drove down the sidewalk on 2nd Street during a high-speed chase (Saturday

• D.A. Bragg: Landlord indicted for harassing rent-regulated tenants, including in the East Village (Thursday

• On the CB3-SLA docket: New operators for East Village classic Lucy's on Avenue A (Monday

• How to take part in Lower East Side History Month activities this May (Friday

• The Ukrainian Museum revisits the early work of East Village-based photographer Peter Hujar (Wednesday

• On Avenue B, a there-goes-the-neighborhood building sells for $43 million (Wednesday)

• EVG Etc.: NYPD arrests 56 in clearing NYU and New School protest encampments; Knickerbocker Village sells for $85 million (Friday

• What happened to the famous East Village (replacement) pear tree on 3rd Avenue? (Thursday

• An extension for 'Houses and Hotels' at O'Flaherty's on Avenue A (Wednesday)

• Iconic East Village gay bar Boiler Room has closed ahead of move to a new location on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• A Link5G tower for Avenue C (Monday

• The fellow "looking for a girlfriend" is now "looking for the perfect woman" (Thursday)

• Spin-offs: Throwback Two debuts on 9th Street (Saturday

• The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks returning to the Hudson River for some reason (Thursday)

• Friday at 5: The great new track by Pretty Sick (Friday

• Watch a large raccoon climb down a tree on 10th Street (Monday

• Openings: Hidden Grounds Chai & Coffee House on 3rd Avenue (Monday

• Coming attractions: The Oasis Cafe on Avenue A (Monday

• Tea Dealers & Ceramics is leaving Avenue B (Friday

• A Luscious new market option on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Kōbo by Nai has not been open lately (Wednesday

• Today in thieving squirrels in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday) ... Today in makeshift fire pits by the Hare Krishna tree in Tompkins Square Park (Monday

... and we had several readers spot a (presumably) pet parakeet in Tompkins Square Park... in case of an escape from your home...
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Xeo said...

Hey! anyone who saw the Budgie... I'm near certain that this person is desperately looking for it:

Apparently a relative let the budgie fly out of the house on purpose.


Is that Jojo Siwa?!

Anonymous said...

Free bird!

Scuba Diva said...

Here's a clickable link to the budgie:

Lost budgie