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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Activity at the former Associated on 14th Street

For the first time in a long time, there have been signs of activity at the former Associated space on 14th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue in Stuy Town.

Asbestos Abatement signage went up earlier in October... (and the Wrong Language police checked in later)...
As you may recall, back in February 2021Stuy Town management informed residents that Chef's Local Harvest, a 10,000-square-foot grocery store, would open in this space (this year).

The family-run market is owned and operated by father-son duo Paul and Aaron Fernandez, who helped create the Union Market chainlet (as seen on Avenue A and Houston) and Ideal Marketplace in Chelsea. 

Here's more from the announcement to residents in February 2021:
Paul Fernandez has operated best-in-class supermarkets in New York City for the last 40 years and has worked to provide quality service and products throughout his career. He grew up in Little Italy after immigrating to the United States at 14, and is a founding member and principal in the Union Market chain, as well as America’s Food Basket Banners. 
Chef's Local Harvest will feature a combination of fresh produce, fish and meat, in addition to a wide selection of prepared food and grab-and-go options via a café, deli and more. 

The space will also conveniently include an entrance directly connecting to the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village community, providing quick and easy store access for our community. The store will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
We're told that this is all still going to happen... and that there's a discussion about some kind of entertainment/performance space in the store... with an outdoor cafe and a new entrance at the mezzanine level. (The deal included 7,300 square feet of the usable basement, per The Real Deal.)

As we understand it, given the unique situation of the interior of the Stuy Town-Peter Cooper Village being zoned as R7-2, any type of commercial enterprise must be a "resident amenity." Hence, any liquor license has to be a "club" one only for "residents and their guests." 

Associated closed in December 2019. Joseph Falzon, the store's owner, previously told Crain's that a confluence of factors had cut business nearly in half. For starters, construction on 14th Street for the L train obscured the supermarket with a 12-foot fence for nearly two years.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Stuy Town ownership nixes plans for 2 heat and power plants

Beam Living and Blackstone have agreed not to move forward with the two proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in Stuyvesant Town. 

This news came via the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association late last week. 

Over the past 18 months, the TA had been working with local elected officials in speaking out about the proposed plans. (Here and here.) 

In 2018, Beam Living announced plans to build a fossil-fuel-burning CHP plant between 245 and 271 Avenue C. Two years later, they announced their intention to create a larger CHP plant under a garage floor on 20th Street. 

Via the EVG inbox:
"This is a highly satisfactory resolution to an issue that concerned many residents. I am grateful to all who signed petitions and postcards and came to our rallies, and to the cadre of hard-working tenants who formed our CHP strategy committee," said Susan Steinberg, president of the Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association. "I also want to acknowledge the effective support of our elected representatives. In particular I want to call out our Council Member Keith Powers, whose nonstop negotiations with Blackstone resulted in their pulling the project. Finally, I want to acknowledge Blackstone for its willingness to recognize how critical this issue was for us and for doing the right thing."
A spokesperson for Beam Living, which manages Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, released this statement to the media: 
"We always take our community’s feedback seriously and are pleased with the dialogue we have had about our collective commitment to making StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village more sustainable and resilient. We are proud of the progress we have made to date and remain committed to bringing resilient and green infrastructure to our community." 
No word at the moment what might happen to the already-built CHP structure (top pic) on Avenue C.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Reports of suspicious fires this afternoon in Stuy Town

This afternoon, we received multiple reader reports of several small fires around Stuy Town, two of which destroyed golf maintenance carts on the property. 

ABC 7 reported these fires as being "suspicious" in nature. (The third fire was in a trash can near the Walgreens on First Avenue between 17th Street and 18th Street.) 

More than 60 firefighters responded to the scene. Stuy Town management released this statement:
"We can confirm that three fires occurred here this afternoon. Thankfully, no people were harmed, and no major building damage occurred. We are grateful to the FDNY for their fast response and support. Our team is assisting them with their ongoing investigation."

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Putting the heat on plans for 2 power plants in Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association is hosting a rally tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 16) at 11 a.m. to speak out against their property's natural gas power plants. 

According to a TA rep, the majority owner, the giant real-estate investor Blackstone Group, has built one (not yet operational) and is planning another on the 80-acre parcel.

"We've been fighting this for more than a year," the rep said via email. 

And it sounds as if they have some help. Local elected officials, including City Councilmember Keith Powers, Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, State Sen. Brad Hoylman and Rep. Carolyn Maloney are expected to attend. 

Details and background here via the Tenants Association: 
Blackstone decided to build the plants on the property to lower their electric bill with Con Ed because gas and electricity are included in our rents. The electricity would be exported to the Con Ed grid, and our buildings would get the steam as a byproduct for heat. 

A major issue is that we think this violates the zoning applying to the property. But the pollution is of concern beyond our community. The plants are CHP (combined heat and power), also known as cogen, short for cogeneration, burn natural gas (a fossil fuel), and are regarded as less polluting than other types of plants. But Con Ed will not be reducing its output, so any emissions from the plants in ST will be additive. The plant that has been built but isn't yet operational is on Avenue C between 15th and 16th Streets. 

Our neighbors to the south are already living in the shadow of the massive Con Ed plant on 14th Street. Our air is already some of the most polluted in the city with the resulting bad health outcomes.

StuyTown-Peter Cooper management previously said that "the project will significantly reduce source greenhouse gas emissions" and that the property "remains a model for best-in-class sustainability practices." 

The rally takes place on Avenue C at 16th Street. You can find more background via the TA's website here.

The TA's last rally was in June. You can read coverage of that at amNY ... and The Village Sun.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Speaking out against another power plant for Stuy Town-Peter Cooper Village

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association is holding a rally tomorrow (Sunday, June 6) at 10 a.m. to speak out against plans for another "polluting power plant" on the property. 

Per the invite: "We’re not the only ones affected: so will be anyone within at least half a mile of the plants. According to the city, we have some of the worst air, and environmental justice is a concern." 

The rally is on Avenue C between 15th Street and 16th Street. Several local elected officials are expected to attend. 

Details and background here via the Tenants Association:
In 2018, Beam Living announced they would be constructing a power plant fueled by natural gas purchased from Con Ed on the Main level between 245 and 271 Avenue C. The plant would produce steam for 24 buildings, and the electricity would go back to Con Ed to offset management’s costs. Renderings of the plant shown to the Tenants Association and to tenants depicted a smaller, less intrusive structure than the final version. The plant was almost complete in 2020 when Beam Living announced a second plant, this one to be constructed under the floor of Garage #1 on 20th Street. Any electricity produced would be sold back to Con Ed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Openings: Rosemary's East, an Italian restaurant at 350 1st Ave.

And just a little outside the usual coverage zone for this one... Rosemary's East debuts today at 350 First Ave. at 20th Street. (News of this arrival dates to the fall of 2019.) 

The @Stuytown Instagram account had this quickie overview: "The Italian restaurant, whose menu is heavy on pasta and pizza, has an extensive wine bar, sidewalk cafe, and an airy, indoor dining room with skylights." 

Rosemary's East is a sibling to Rosemary's on Greenwich Avenue and part of the Casa Nela hospitality company. 

According to the Post, Stuy Town-Peter Cooper landlord the Blackstone Group has revenue "participation" in the new restaurant. "Blackstone paid for what the partners called a 'significant' portion of the buildout for the 6,800 square-foot space," the Post reported. 

Will update with menus and hours once that info is available.

Petite Abeille and Vamos! previously occupied this space. 

Image via @Stuytown

Monday, July 27, 2020

Former Associated in Stuy Town now for rent

Broker marketing is now up along the former Associated Supermarket on 14th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue... the space is apparently between downtown and downtime...

The listing hasn't arrived online just yet.

The supermarket, that served Stuy Town and parts of the East Village, closed this past December.

Joseph Falzon, the store’s owner, previously told Crain's that a confluence of factors had cut business nearly in half. For starters, construction on 14th Street for the L train obscured the supermarket with a 12-foot fence for nearly two years.

A Trader Joe's opened across the street in early January. (The Target on 14th and A opened in July 2018)

During the pandemic, City Harvest is using the space for a distribution center called the Stuy Town Pantry.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday's parting shot

Christmas at Stuy Town, as seen on 14th Street and First Avenue...

Monday, September 16, 2019

[Updated] The Associated on 14th Street in Stuy Town is said to close by year's end

The Associated Supermarket on 14th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue along the southern border of Stuy Town isn't expected to stay open for much longer this year.

Stuyvesant Town General Manager Rick Hayduk emailed residents with the news on Friday afternoon (thank you to the EVG readers who shared this):

We share the community's disappointment that after 26 years, Associated Supermarket on 14th street, has decided to close its doors.

Know that we have and will continue to work with Associated's owners in an effort to accommodate their needs, including offering free rent in an attempt to keep the store open through the holidays. But even with this offer, Associated cannot guarantee that the store will remain open through the end of the year.

The owners have told us that the competitive environment for supermarkets, both locally and online, have led them to this unfortunate decision.

As for "tomorrow", StuyTown Property Services is working on finding a new tenant with full understanding that a local grocery store is important to the community; but this will take some time.

We're grateful to the owners and employees of Associated Supermarket for serving the needs of the Stuyvesant Town community for over two decades.

So the Associated owners are chalking this up to "the competitive environment," which will become even more competitive once the Trader Joe's opens across 14th some time in 2020.

The Associated here has had a turbulent few years. In 2015, the current Stuy Town management reportedly tried to buy out the lease. A Morton Williams was set to takeover the space, but they backed out upon learning of Trader Joe's impending arrival. The owners of Associated were able to work out a new lease in 2017.

The area surrounding the supermarket has also been chewed up during the L-train rehab work that started here in the summer of 2017.

Updated 1:30 p.m.

Per Crain's:

Joseph Falzon, the store’s owner for the past 26 years, said a confluence of factors had cut business nearly in half and made it impossible to continue.

“We were very lucky to be open for a long time,” Falzon said. “Everything hit at once, like a perfect storm.”

Construction on 14th Street for the L train obscured the store with a 12-foot-tall fence, he explained, slowing business further just as the city’s minimum wage hit $15 an hour.

"I have people that have been with me a long time and make a lot more than that," Falzon said, but he added that the higher minimum wage increased payroll "quite a bit."

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Police still searching for suspect in attempted sexual assault in Stuy Town on June 29

[Avenue A and 11th Street]

The NYPD continues their search for a suspect who attacked a woman on the Stuy Town oval early on June 29.

You can read Town & Village's coverage of the attempted sexual assault here.

This attack is the pinned tweet now @NYPDTips...

The Perv Busters, part of the Guardian Angels, have also distributed flyers about the suspect...

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online. There's a reward up to $2,500 for info on this suspect.

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Friday, July 5, 2019

NYPD looking for suspect in an attempted sexual assault in Stuy Town

The NYPD is looking for a suspect who attacked a woman on the Stuy Town oval early last Saturday.

Town & Village has details:

The 20-year-old victim was walking near the M level exterior door of 7 Stuyvesant Oval around 5 a.m. when the suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her by the neck.

Police said that the victim resisted but she was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground when the suspect attempted to sexually assault her. Police said that another resident who was nearby came to the victim’s aid and called 911, after which the suspect fled on foot.

In response, ST-PCV has dispatched additional officers for patrol in both Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village, per Town & Village.

The Perv Busters, part of the Guardian Angels, have also distributed flyers about the suspect... this one was spotted along 14th Street...

Monday, October 8, 2018

StuyFitness debuts on 14th Street

StuyFitness, the new gym on 14th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C for residents of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village, opened today. (Thanks EVG reader Brian!)

As previously noted, the gym — "7,500 Square Feet of Awesome" — features four Peloton spin bikes and a GYM RAX Storage and Suspension system, among other things.

This site has membership info for residents of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

StuyFitness shaping up on 14th Street

Here's an exterior look at StuyFitness, the new gym on 14th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C for residents of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village...

As previously noted, the gym — "7,500 Square Feet of Awesome" — will feature four Peloton spin bikes and a GYM RAX Storage and Suspension system, among other things ...

The gym is expected to open this month. (This site has membership info for residents of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village.)

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

71 years ago today

[Click on image for more detail]

An EVG reader found the above aerial photo in the digital section of the New York State Archive. The photo is dated Feb. 27, 1947.

The photo, looking toward the (north-ish) east, shows the new Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village. (Stuy Town would welcome its first residents on Aug. 1, 1947.)

Meanwhile, among the other familiar sites — the Con Ed building on 14th Street and St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery... just follow the helpful arrows...

Monday, February 12, 2018

A gym for Stuy Town on 14th Street — aka '7,500 Square Feet of Awesome'

Stuy Town residents received an email from management on Saturday with a subject line, "We're Building A Gym on 14th Street."

Construction is expected to start this week in the currently-empty space photographed above along 14th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.

And here's part of the email about the gym, which will feature four Peloton spin bikes and a GYM RAX Storage and Suspension system...

Previously, Citibikes were stored in the space ... and up until Sandy it was the Manhattan Kids Club II (who relocated to Avenue C).

H/T Edmund John Dunn and Brian!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Report: Mayor's office exaggerated affordable housing claims at Stuy Town

An item of local interest from which a report by the Independent Budget Office of the City of New York (IBO) found that the amount of affordability preserved following the sale of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village was inflated.

As the Daily News put it:

Mayor de Blasio’s office inflated the benefits of a deal to keep affordable housing at the massive Stuyvesant Town complex in exchange for $220 million in taxpayer subsidies, the city’s budget watchdog agency found.

Per Town & Village:

The IBO estimated that while the deal was supposed to preserve 100,000 “apartment years” (the equivalent of 5,000 apartments for 20 years), 64,000 of those apartment years would have remained affordable anyway through rent stabilization. This would mean the deal really only saved 36,000 apartment years, not 100,000. The report also noted that when the sale took place, just over 5,000 apartments were already renting at below-market rates due to rent stabilization.

While there has been plenty of debate over just how “affordable” the 5,000 apartments that are preserved and leased through a lottery system actually are, according to the IBO, only three percent of those 100,000 apartment years are reserved for low-income households.

The Blackstone Group and Ivanhoe Cambridge bought the property for $5.3 billion in 2015, and received $220 million in tax subsidies to keep the 5,000 units affordable for 20 years.

Several officials have disputed the IBO report. For instance, Eric Enderlin, president of the city’s Housing Development Corporation who helped broker the deal, “said for the $220 million the city is sinking in, residents will save $505 million in rent compared with what they would have paid without the deal,” per the Daily News.

“We strongly disagree with it,” he said of the IBO report. “They’ve created this kind of academic, ivory tower model ... People live in these apartments, and you can’t know which apartments are going to be vacant.”

You can find a copy of the 23-page IBO report here.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Stuy Town to catch some major solar rays

[Rendering via]

Via the EVG inbox yesterday...

Blackstone and Ivanhoé Cambridge today announced plans to implement the largest private multi-family residential rooftop solar project in the United States. The project will be run by StuyTown Property Services (SPS), the property management company of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.

This 3.8 Megawatt (DC) solar energy system will span across the property’s 22 acres of rooftops. Once completed, StuyTown will have tripled Manhattan’s capacity to generate solar power. NYC-based renewable energy developer Onyx Renewable Partners is project developer for the installation, which is expected to begin this winter and reach completion in 2019.

The installation will consist of 9,671 high efficiency solar panels and will generate enough energy to power over 1,000 New York City apartments annually. The project is expected to offset approximately 63,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, comparable to removing 12,000 cars from the road for a year.

StuyTown is the first multifamily building in NYC to have received an ENERGY STAR certification, which it has won three years in a row for its sophisticated energy management technologies ... The community has been particularly active and enthusiastic in supporting StuyTown’s compost waste pickup, averaging just over 10,000 pounds of organic material collected weekly – representing 17 percent of all residential compost waste collected in Manhattan. StuyTown has already reduced on-site greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent since 2007, and has now expanded into the solar sphere as part of its larger commitment to environmental sustainability.

StuyTown is the largest rental apartment complex in the U.S., with 11,200-plus multifamily units in 56 buildings across 80 acres in Manhattan’s East Village. It houses more than 27,000 New Yorkers and represents 1.7 percent of Manhattan’s population.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Spotted making a deliver this afternoon in Stuy Town... via @KarenLoew

Monday, August 14, 2017

[Updated] Trees coming down for L train expansion on 14th Street

As previously reported, preliminary work is underway along 14th Street for building new entrances at Avenue A and an underground power station at Avenue B for the L train.

And to make way for all this, some trees need to come down. On Friday, workers removed several trees (I counted three barrels on top of stumps) on the cobblestone median along 14th Street/the Stuy Town service road between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Several EVG readers shared emails about this taking place.

Wrote one: "I am appalled and sickened to see [the trees] being cut down and fed through a chipper. Did anyone know that this was going to occur? I am sick at heart and will never see full grown trees on this block for the rest of my life. Incredible."

And more will be coming down between Avenue A and Avenue B... X marks the doomed trees...

These six trees have Xs on them...

... and the trees that will remain ...

Updated 8/15
Several readers noted that the six trees came down yesterday...

Friday, March 3, 2017

1 week left to apply for the Stuy Town Lottery

Via the EVG inbox...

The StuyTown Lottery, a middle-income affordable housing lottery at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, has one week left to run.

The deadline to apply is March 10. Anyone with between $84,150 and $149,490 in pre-tax, combined household income might be eligible. We are offering one- and two-bedroom apartments.

More information, including floorplans, FAQs and instructions on how to apply can be found at

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