Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The ambiance? Upscale

The owners of 2 by 4 on Second Avenue and Fourth Street (you know 2 by 4) have put up new signage indicating that the bar will become an upscale lounge called Ambiance. (Grub Street)

Here's New York's review of 2 by 4:

2 by 4 used to be the gay cruising spot The Bar, but the large metal mud-flap girls on the wall sum up the sexual reorientation. Straight college dudes now come here looking for sauce and sass that follows a tried-and-true Coyote Ugly formula of cheap booze and choreographed bar-top theatrics. A center rail splits the action: At the billiards table, young Ronnie Wood look-alikes get hustled by neighborhood bike messengers; at the bar, scantly-clad barmaids navigate spins on the in-house stripper pole.

And the lone reader comment:

"This place sucks. Enough said. You could not pay me to go back."

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Anonymous said...

i'll give it 2 years four months(tops) before they close