Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And we're off! (on 350 W. Broadway)

Was in Soho the other day. So I took a peak to see how the soon-to-be-swank digs are doing at 350 W. Broadway. We have beams!

Meanwhile, check out the faboo penthouse: 2,902 square feet with 1,381 square feet exterior. Priced at $12.2 million. And the accompanying marketing copy?

“I’ll tell you why I need to live in Manhattan,” he trilled while thrusting his martini shaker into the air. “An Englishman must live on an island!”

“I’ll tell you why I need to live in a penthouse,” she replied with her
signature deadpan. “I’m only happy when I’m on top.”

“And the reason you live with me?” he asked while refilling her
glass. “You own the penthouse.”

Not sure if this is supposed to be funny. And on the street level...

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