Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you have what it takes to tear down Yankee Stadium?

New York City is looking for demolition companies that think they can tear down Yankee Stadium without damaging any of the seats or other pieces that might be sold to collectors.

The razing of the famous ballpark is scheduled to start in March and last as long as a year, according to a solicitation form issued by the city’s Economic Development Corporation. The first stage of the demolition will involve salvaging all of the stadium seating as well as some large features like the white frieze that adorns the wall behind the bleachers and the 120-foot-tall bat-shaped boiler stack outside the main entrance.
(City Room)

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Anonymous said...

how about the same brand of "jet fuel" that so neatly pulverized the twin towers? someone ought to ask rudy, silverstein?, or any of the 9/11 report geniuses...