Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emily Brill weighs in on the Eldridge

On her Essentially Emily: Confessions of a 5th Avenue Misfit site, Emily Brill had this to say about the Eldridge, you know, the hidden lounge/restaurant on Eldridge Street with only 13 tables "manned by chaperones, butlers, table attendants, and a hospitality consultant"...:

The Eldridge is a nice space, but indeed, there’s nothing mind-blowing about it–unless, of course, you wanna talk location (and my friends are as obsessed with this neighborhood right now as I am). I know how stupid this sounds but for an uptown girl like me, stepping out of the cab last night on Eldridge Street was like stepping on to a soundstage. Maybe it’s because they had the sidewalk all glammed up for this party and the collision of flashbulbs and the unassuming nonchalance of East Village streets, graffiti and neon is what got me. I know the west village always used to give me this ‘you’re in a storybook’ feel and it still does from time to time–and the bowery can still feel like that during the day but it’s hard to feel like you’re in little ‘untouched’/unchartered new york by night. It’s an incredible feeling.

So whether or not we’re comin’ back to the eldridge, this is an area, I think, that’s going to see a lot of activity this year. But I hope it holds onto everything I described.

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Alex in NYC said...

"But I hope it holds onto everything I described"

Ummmm.....she's a couple of decades late.