Friday, September 12, 2008

New York has lovely skylines, stylish and diverse people, great art galleries, and we're really expensive and not too fucking friendly

According to Travel + Leisure's annual America's Favorite Cities list...New York received the most No. 1 ratings -- 11 in total! We're tops in classical music, theater, diversity, style, people-watching, skyline/views, art galleries, local boutiques and luxury boutiques. That's only nine. Whatever!

And NYC was dead last for "peace and quiet" and "relaxing retreat" and — shocker! — "affordability." And NYC was 24 out of 25 for "friendliness." That's fucking bullshit! Fuck you!


e2the2ndpwr said...

Unless you're a fun person, then you get a free rent.

What can I say, we NYers are masochists: we pay maaaad money to be miserable, unfriendly, paranoid and to be around the miserable, paranoid, unfriendly, hipsters, douchebags, in a noisy city.

Anonymous said...

We are Great--although people do not believe it--

Jill said...

If I had the writing talent to accurately capture all the friendly moments I've had in this past week alone I would be able to bore the shit out of everybody for hours with tales of spontaneous bus conversation, direction giving, door holding and smiling. Lucky for you, it is uninteresting the moment it gets written down, but truly spectacular every day when I witness the uber-friendliness of New Yorkers, myself excluded. I'm a total bitch.