Monday, September 8, 2008

On Avenue A (and an update from Neither More Nor Less on the fallout from the Donut Social)

I spotted the above on the side of the Con Ed substation on Avenue A yesterday afternoon. How long before this gets removed?

Meanwhile, Bob Arihood has an update of what happened Friday night after the Donut Social and the arrest of Leftöver Crack singer Scott Sturgeon. Part of Bob's report:

"Earlier the 9th precinct had decided to arrest Sturgeon for tossing donuts at them at the concert claiming that per the Penal Code such an action constituted harrasment of a police officer . They waited for an hour to arrest Sturgeon apparently because they felt that it would be easier and less risky than doing so at the concert with a crowd that might protest such an arrest .
Arresting Sturgeon-- charges were harrasment of a police officer , disorderly conduct and resisting arrest--in TSP was not so difficult , there was little resistance , but the unexpected consequences of the arrest were for a while somewhat chaotic .
After Sturgeons arrest some present decided to attempt to prevent the police RMP containing Sturgeon from leaving the park . Police cars were damaged ,broken mirrors etc . Bottles were thrown and trash recepticles were upset and emptied . People climbed on top of police cars with some standing or lying down in front of the police vehicles . For a few minutes the situation was quite eye-ball-to-eye-ball and nose-to-nose physical but police eventually gained control with minimal use of force . 3 additional arrests were made before the brief melee ended.

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Well, I suppose you shouldn't throw donuts at cops...