Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tourists on hand to document our nation's economic collapse

Can't wait to show the kids! These photos were taken minutes after the Dow closed down more than 500 points yesterday. With the NYSE and Federal Hall right here, this is a heavily traveled area for tourists. Still, there were a lot more tourists milling about yesterday. Could have been the lure of the media trucks and lights...and blood.

Meanwhile, down the street. A few people in Tiffany's.

Not so many people shopping for BMWs. Except some dummies.


esquared said...

To the tourists and the news crews, we are just a sideshow and caged animals to be gawked at.

esquared said...

On second thought(just read JM's post), maybe they're taking pictures and gawking at the limp dicks.

Jill said...

Maybe they were waiting for somebody to jump out a window, like in the olden days.