Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What season-ticket holders will be paying next year at Yankee Stadium

The Yankees announced the prices for their 2009 season-ticket plans the other day. As the AP notes, "Even seats behind the outfield fence will be costly at the new Yankee Stadium."


"Behind those four sections of seats, and to the rear of the bullpens closer to center field, are nine sections of bleachers priced at $12, the same as the cost this season in the final year of the 85-year-old ballpark."

Team COO Lonn Trost said other than 4,300 pricy seats, the tickets are "not being raised significantly. And remember, 24,000-plus seats will have no price increase at all."

Individuals game prices haven't been set.

Meanwhile, wonder how much these seats will cost next season:

From That Touch of Mink.

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