Monday, September 1, 2008

What's doing in...The Meatpacking District

From yesterday's Daily News:

The venerable neighborhood, long-ago habitat of butchers in bloodstained aprons, hosts an assortment of less savory sorts each weekend: Drunks. Cokeheads. Dealers.

"I hate it," said Johanna Lindsay, who's lived there for eight years. "It's gotten cool, and not in a good way."

The no-holds-barred party, as witnessed by Daily News reporters, knows few boundaries. One reporter was solicited by three dealers within two hours on a Saturday night.

Reporters watched a pair of twentysomething club girls vomit in tandem; a man urinate as he weaved along Washington St.; another man so blitzed he appeared paralyzed on W. 13th St.


Anonymous said...

Yet Bloomberg and Kelley turns a blind eye on the drug deals and the "quality of life" in MePa, as long as these douchebags are "spending money". Soon (I hope), Mepa will revert back to its former self.

Karate Boogaloo said...

Hilarious...thats why I call it the douche bag district!

Tim Ranney said...

Well, fellow EV'ers and NoHo friends, get ready for Bowery to become this exact same mess when Cooper Square Hotel opens. Actually, it's already started now that our young NYU friends are back. Batten down the hatches! The Bowery vomitorium is about to flow like a river.

Anonymous said...

"The Bowery vomitorium is about to flow like a river."

You guys just miss the vomit from the punk rockers and drug addicts that provided them. I don't see how this would be any different back then. At least the vomit will be coming from the 20 something yunnie hotties.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, that's right, a twenty something reeking of vomit with puke all over her shoes is a real "hottie"

HBNYC said...

I moved to 14th @ 9th more than 9 years ago - Our rent in a spacious 3 bedroom was $2,400 at the time. Since I've lived here, we've lost 2 grocery stores, a couple of laundromats, and diners that used to serve french toast with bacon, fruit, and coffee for $10 including tax and tip. Now that shit-hole on the corner charges $12.00 for a waffle, no sides, tax and tip NOT included. I say swim back to New Jersey.
p.s. The city is not likely to do anything for the residents living here. I've been BEGGING all summer to do something about the traffic noise. What a joke.