Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another UFO sighting in downtown Manhattan

So, you remember that fireball over the East Village that several people reported seeing this past July?

Yeah, totes a UFO. Anyway, now a credible source — — brings word of another UFO sighting downtown, this one on Tuesday.

According to the witness:

This happened during the evening, I do not remember the time. My windows face lower Manhattan, just to give you a point of reference as to where the object was. I was sitting at my desk and decided to look out the window. The moment I did an unusually bright 'star' caught my eye. It was too low and to big to be a star, as I realized. I grabbed my camera and recorded a video. It was not moving, it stayed in that one spot, glowing very brightly. The moment I strayed from the object and filmed the whole sky, the object disappeared. It was gone by the time I moved back to the spot. In the video, you can actually see it disappearing as I move the frame away from it. The object did not reappear after that, and I searched the sky for its light after the video ended. But there was nothing. Several other people saw and even recorded this same object disappearing.

And there's some grainy footage at the site above...

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