Thursday, December 10, 2009

The East Village expands westward to try to rent this $25,000-a-month mansion

While browing through apartment-for-rent listings for the East Village...this headline popped up:


And only $25,000 per month! And where is this in the East Village....?

Oh, just over on LaGuardia Place. According to the listing:

Located on the cross roads of SoHo and The Village, just steps from Washington SQ Park and evryhtign [sic] that DOWNTOWN NYC has to offer.

In any event, here's more on the space:

"THE BEST SINGLE FAMILY MANSION is BACK on THE MARKET. This Triplex LOFT has just undergone a meticulous GUT RENOVATION and is ready to go."

"There are currently FOUR bedrooms, a MASSIVE 200 sft LIVING ROOM with ceilings that hit the 30 foot mark, beautifully restored red brick walls, a chef's eat in kitchen that can easily accommodate a table for 6 and so much more. There is a proper dining room, 3 beautifully renovated baths, private laundry and 4 Exposures."

Curious if this is simply a mistake...or, perhaps, someone thinks the East Village may be an easier sell...


Goggla said...

That's a rather awesome skylight.

EV Grieve said...

Agreed! I'm just about $24,900 short on the rent, tho.

Joe said...

That living room looks waaaayyyy larger than 200 square feet... 2,000 more like it?

T.E.V.B. said...

Evryhtign about that place looks great!

Anonymous said...

Do any of this idiot, get-rich-quick real estate "professionals" truly think anyone who can afford $25,000 a month is going to be lured by their childish, wannabe nuevoriche listings? It's so tacky. Screams of Citi Habitats. And the no goods who seem to be streaming into this city by the truckload.