Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caffe Cotto closed for an 'upgrade' on Avenue C

EV Grieve reader AC notes that Caffe Cotto on Avenue C at Eighth Street is closed while management upgrades the kitchen and dining room...

Caffe Cotto is on the CB3/SLA docket Monday night for a sidewalk license.



Anonymous said...

The dining room is nice. It's the facade that needs work - and they need to stop putting two tables abreast on 8th St. They just take over the whole sidewalk without a permit..

East Village Eats said...

Has anyone actually eaten here? Ever since Pepe Rosso closed, I haven't been.

Cookiepuss said...

The restaurant is ok. If you order lots of food and drink then they will be nice to you. If you go there for a pasta, salad and glass of wine they give you dirty looks.

The problem I have with these people acquiring a full liquor license is that now every establishment on the west side of that block has a full license and that's fucked up. It should have never been approved, and initially wasn't.
It's all because of community board members who live in the immediate area disputing their denial for a full liquor license based on their own personal interest in this dining establishment, claiming that it's the only place on Avenue C where seniors can eat. Now how dumb is that. The place already served beer and wine.

If the place decides that they want to sell a year from now then they could sell to a very high end restaurant like Hearth which will only further the gentrification in Alphabet City by bringing in more super rich people. That would be even worse than a place like the Sunburnt Cow that serves transient idiots. High end places will be the death of us. Furthermore, where were these people when every other establishment on that block applied for a full liquor license and got one. Why didn't they oppose them then. You'd think that after the third one that they would have done something.

Here we go again, selfish personal support for an establishment vs. what is right for the neighborhood. Seriously, how dumb can they be.