Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You'll never guess what's taking the retail space at 123 Third Avenue!

Woo! Oh, and much of the sidewalk shed is down here now too on the corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue...



Lisa said...

Now there's a happy surprise, and a much-needed, valuable addition to the neighborhood too, I might add.

Christ; the paucity of imagination in this ever-increasing generic nightmare that used to be New York City is appaling. The Big Apple? More like The Big Bland.

T.E.V.B. said...


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Plenty of bank-ing
Comin' my way

Anonymous said...

The thing that always amazes me about this horror, is (if not the quantity) the size of these places. I have seen some bank branches taking up, like, a full 1/2 block space! 7000 sq feet with a couple ATMs and twenty empty desks. (oh yeah) and a bank of 20 teller windows with 2 tellers sitting behind it.

VH McKenzie said...

This begs the question -- who the hell has money to put into these damn banks??? How do they afford the rent? Oh yeah, those $4 transaction fees for using their ATMs.

Frankly, I'd rather have a noisy bar.

Crazy Eddie said...

Your tax dollars at work.

blue glass said...

another store we don't have enough of. like pizza, noodles, cvs, duane reade - the list goes on.

the bank tug of war over who has the most storefronts is why the fees are so high.
is this better than a bar?

why can't the government "rescue" some of the family stores that have been here for generations and can't pay the new rents?

Anonymous said...

While for the neighborhood I would prefer to see something other than another generic bland bank office, I understand the rationale from the developers and eventual owners of the condos.
On the ground floor of my building I'm happy to have a clean, quiet bank with deep pockets able to pay the rent on a regular basis through the life of the lease as opposed to say a food or drink or restaurant establishment that would likely create odors, noise, smelly garbage with the added risk of not being able to make it as a business.
Yes its generic and boring but it makes more financial sense for the residents of the building.

glamma said...

plenty of places to get cash but soon there will be nowhere to spend it.
new bank city
lower bank side
bank village?