Friday, August 19, 2011

If André Balazs buys the Cooper Square Hotel, then are we in for some public displays of sex here?

According to Hotel Chatter (via Curbed), hotelier Andre Balazs may be taking over our very own Cooper Square Hotel.

As you'll recall a few summers back, there was all that hoopla at the Standard, a property that Balazs operates by the High Line. There were those exhibitionist types screwing or masturbating doing this or that in full view of the commoners below.

[Photo at the Standard via]

Well, this is just one way to spice up an otherwise rather moribund property like the Cooper Square Hotel. Been some time since we've seen any Cooper Square Cheesecake.


clayton 161 said...

Anonymous said...

My guess is there was really no need for ALL that pixelated space in the man photo.

Uncle Waltie said...

There's a definite need for more sex on Cooper Square.