Friday, August 12, 2011

A look at the new-look Sidewalk, now with 'boozy $10 milkshakes'

[Photo yesterday by Bobby Williams]

As we first reported, Sidewalk closed its doors on Avenue A and Sixth Street for renovations on March 1. The bar and music venue is open now; and the whole place will be ready Monday.

Gothamist got a look inside the renovated space, and notes that the new management is focusing on more quality food and drinks, including "boozy $10 milkshakes."

Per Jamie Feldmar at Gothamist:

The newly renovated space is making food a top priority, with all day-and-night breakfast platters like crème brûlée French toast with bacon, plus dinners like Israeli-style chicken schnitzel and the aforementioned line of spiked milkshakes, with options like the Monkey Business (bourbon, banana, peanut butter, chocolate, ice cream) and Grasshopper (whipped cream vodka, crème de minthe, coffee liquor, ice cream).


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Anna said...

I always thought their kitchen was under-appreciated. They have the best heuvos rancheros in the neighborhood and those sweet potato fries are just awesome. Long live Sidewalk!