Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Updated] Sidewalk Cafe closed for renovations on Avenue A

Don't know more than this at the moment... The DOB gave them a C in September... with 43 violation points, but nothing that likely led to its closure... In the comments, an employee of another Sidewalk-owned eatery says Sidewalk will reopen in three weeks; that the renovations don't have anything to do with the DOH.


Angela said...

Hi! I work at another restaurant owned by the same owners as sidewalk. They told us it will be reopening in 3 weeks, and it's honestly not closed for health department/violation reasons.

Anonymous said...

Angela, what and where's the restaurant you work at? I LOVE Sidewalk and want to support the owners even if I'm put out for 3 weeks.

Goggla said...

That'll be three weeks of 2-4-1 pink margarita withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

I stopped eating at Sidewalk years ago after being waited on by a waitress with really long armpit hair. I'm all for the ladies letting it grow, but I'm not so sure a sleeveless top exposing that long armpit hair while waiting tables was the best option... It was just that one girl, but I was so grossed out I never went back. Neither did the friend who was dining with me. She was even more grossed out than I was!

Anna D. said...

I'm going to stand up for the waiters there. The smart sweet girl who works weekend mornings is awesome - she remembered how I like my coffee after only 2 visits.
The ever-patient awesome guy who always seems to be working when I'm there with Editrix Abby and our pink drinks outing turns from 2 people to 20.
And I can't forget the lovely young girl who was very kind to my Mom when she was exhausted and overwhelmed by her first visit to NY and we retreated to Sidewalk for refuge.

Tip your waiters well - they're working really really hard!