Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will you belly up for some bitters?

As we reported last week, Amor Y Amargo — "a bitters tasting room" — is opening in the Cienfuegos complex on Sixth Street at Avenue A.

Grub Street reports that the place opens tonight. And they have details on menu items and what not. Here's more from Grub Street:

The drinkery will be New York's first bar focused on bitters, and you can expect bitters-laced cocktails, tasting flights ... plus Mayur Subbarao's housemade sweet vermouth on draft. To complement all this: a special menu of Spanish-leaning bites from chef Luiz Gonzalez, including tortilla espanola and fried garbanzos with morcilla.

[Photo via EV Grieve reader Creature]


Lisa said...

Ya won't see me there, I have bitter things to do with my time.

Marty Wombacher said...

@Lisa: Ha, good one! But then humor has always been your bread and bitter.

Anonymous said...


Carrie S. said...

Stumbled into their soft opening last Friday night, and was absolutely delighted. I'm a huge fan of amari of all kinds (and all sorts of bitter drinks) so it was a no-brainer for me. The owners are friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the drinks were delicious! Definitely worth stopping in, if only to taste something different from behind the bar.

Anonymous said...

Sounds really great.
Pretty simple for me... As long as it's relatively douche-bag free; I'm in.
Granted, that can be a rather bitter pill to swallow these days, though (ie, hard to come by.)