Monday, March 28, 2011

Buy a nice corner of the Bowery

Here's you chance to become a Bowery real-estate baron and reap the gold! Per the RKF website, you can invest in the space at the Bowery and Bleecker...

Per the listing (PDF):

The market has experienced a revitalization in recent years and presents a vibrant mix of new residential, retail, hotel, cultural, dining and nightlife offerings.
The property features:

• 6,600 sf on two levels: 3,400 sf on the Ground Floor and 3,200 sf in the Lower Level
• 129 feet of wraparound frontage
• Two existing liquor licenses in place
• Fully built kitchen

This is a rare opportunity to purchase an income-producing retail condominium on the Bowery with an existing liquor license in-place.

No word if the "Star Wars" pinball machine is included.


diehardyuppiescum said...

it's for the space that houses double crown & madame geneva...not the residential condo upstairs. The dude with the star wars pinball machine moved out.


Anonymous said...

The top floor was terrible, and Katy Perry & Russell Brand viewed the second floor (with the pinball machine) but didn't bite.