Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former Kurve space kleaned out

The city issued the permits last week for workers to renovate the former Kurve/Rhong-Tiam space on Second Avenue at Fifth Street. And workers quickly cleaned out the former thai eatery, which you can see for yourself now that they removed the paper on the windows...


The new operators of the space were on the agenda for this month's CB3/SLA meeting listed only (and mysteriously!) as "corp to be formed." However, they were a late scratch from the docket.


Media glut said...

It would make a nice aquarium.

EV Grieve said...

@ Larry

Ha! True.... Maybe we're in for an aquatic-themed club now!

blue glass said...

i love that folks can apply for a liquor license on an empty (or in use) space before they've even incorporated, selected their partners, what they plan to open, etc, under the listing of "corp to be formed" and that the committee will even consider the application.
supposedly no item will be considered with a fully completed CB#3 SLA Committee Application.

Bowery Boy said...

Nothing has lasted for crap there except the diner. Maybe they should just move it back.

Agreeing with Blue Glass: I'm still fuming that last summer CB3 SLA Com' approved a liq' license for something at the old Amato Opera space -- it's still For Rent today. ugh!

Anonymous said...

word is that the owners of dempsey's are opening a boutique beer bar, with 25 bars on tap, 80% rotating, and around 15 bottles offered. it'll be a nice addition to that stretch of 2nd ave, since there is a dearth of chill bars between 9&5 streets!