Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What celebrity will be having a 'Close Call' in the East Village?

EV Grieve reader Creature sends along this photo from Avenue A and Sixth Street... A film shoot today for "Celebrity Close Call"??

Not familiar with that one... According to Bio.com:

For many celebrities life can be a dream — critical acclaim, a world of adoring fans, and unimaginable wealth. But in a split second everything can disappear. In this riveting one-hour special we'll talk with stars Jane Seymour, Erik Estrada, Leif Garret and Coolio, each forced to face their own mortality in shocking, unexpected twists of fate. These celebrities' true stories should be obituaries, tragic endings to phenomenal lives. Except for one thing: every single one of them lived to tell the tale.

Any thoughts on what celebrity will be using the East Village as a backdrop to his or her near-death experience?


Anonymous said...

I would imagine Leif Garret at one time scored some drugs in the East Village. Just a hunch.

Glenn Belverio said...

6th street and ave A? Surely this must be about the night Erik Estrada had an ill-advised dalliance with a bottle of amyl nitrate, a donkey, and the Lady Bunny in the back room of the Wonder Bar circa 1993.

Marty Wombacher said...

I'm going to guess Lady Gaga and how a near-death experience with a zipper made her the pantsless wonder she is today.

TRED said...

I happened to walk by around 11:00 last night. There was a stunt car out front with broken windshields and an actor all bloodied. I have no idea who it was supposed to be. Honestly, I though it was s student film until I saw the show name on the permit.

Anonymous said...