Monday, March 28, 2011

New hope for 35 Cooper Square

During the weekend, workers arrived at 35 Cooper Square to begin removing the sewer and water from the property...

[Photos by Bobby Williams]

...the next steps in the demolition of the historic building... However, there is some positive news about the home via David Mulkins, chair of the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors (BAN). City Council member Rosie Mendez's office has brokered a meeting between developer Arun Bhatia and BAN members to discuss possibly sparing the building.

Meanwhile, as we pointed out five weeks ago, workers have left the roof exposed to the elements. You may write to the developer's rep, Jane Crotty (, and ask them to put the protective covering back on the rooftop.

Updated: DNAinfo reports the meeting is set for April 12.


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Good news - do you know when this meeting is happening?

EV Grieve said...

Hey Goggla. It's set for April 12.