Saturday, June 11, 2016

Enjoy 6 hours of peaceful green space on East 2nd Street today

[A scene from the cemetery in 1831 via Harper's Weekly]

The New York City Marble Cemetery on East Second Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue has its first Neighborhood Open Day of the season today...

An opportunity for our friends and neighbors to enjoy our peaceful green space.

Saturday, June 11
Sunday, July 10
Saturday, Aug. 13
Sunday, Sept. 10

11 am to 5 pm

In the top photo... former President James Monroe was briefly interred here in July 1831... he was transferred to his native Virginia in 1858. (The procession shut down Astor Place, which was in its first year of reconstruction.)

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Anonymous said...

I stopped going when some visitors decided it was a good idea to unleashed their dogs and turn this into a dog run. Not so peaceful.