Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Paper shredder at an E. 5th St. stoop sale yesterday via peter radley]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Second Avenue residents file $17 million lawsuit over deadly gas explosion (Wednesday)

Murder trial starts for high driver who crashed into East Village Farm and Grocery (Saturday)

Abraço looking to move into a larger space across 7th Street (Friday)

The Alamo returns to Astor Place on Wednesday (Sunday)

Wagamama coming to 55 3rd Ave.; M2M to depart? (Wednesday)

After 15 years, Artikal is closing on 12th Street (Tuesday)

Sweet Generation selling rainbow cupcakes for Equality Florida (Tuesday)

Workers clearing out the mysterious 84 2nd Ave. storefront (Tuesday)

Cuomo clears way for brunch drinking to start at 10 a.m. on Sundays (Wednesday, 35 comments)

Zadie's Oyster Room opens on East 12th Street (Thursday)

GG's introduces a Garden Dinner Kit with ingredients from its backyard garden (Thursday)

Today in Tompkins Square Pork (Monday)

The penthouse at 347 Bowery sells for $17 million (Monday)

14-story building planned for 827 Broadway (Wednesday)

Molly Ringwald's East 10th Street duplex is for sale (Monday)

Out and About Part 2 with Joe (Wednesday)

More bubble tea for East 14th Street (Monday)

CB3 wants alternatives about a larger 438 E. 14th St. (Friday)

Enjoy 'A Summer in Paris' next month in Tompkins Square Park (Thursday)

215 E. 12th St. is available for $16 million (Wednesday)

People's Pops not returning to the East Village (Thursday)

Melt Shop bringing grilled cheese sandwiches to 4th Avenue (Monday)

Cholo Noir wants to bring Mexican BBQ and art to East 6th Street (Friday)

After 2 months, J-Mar Special Touch barber shop closes on East 6th Street (Monday)

... and in Tompkins Square Park, Christo is keeping the kids in rats...

[Photo yesterday by Bobby Williams]


Anonymous said...

Is there no rat poison in Tompkins Square?

Anonymous said...

Poor rat

Anonymous said...

Another picture of a hawk's butt.

Anonymous said...

Leave the rats alone, they harm no one.