Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Osaka Grub bringing Japanese fast food to the Essex Street Market

The Essex Street Market, 120 Essex St., has a new vendor ... Osaka Grub, which serves Japanese street food, officially opens today after a practice run this past weekend.

Via the EVG inbox...

Osaka Grub’s specialty is okonomiyaki, which is a savory ‘pancake’ originating from Osaka, Japan. They offer three versions; the classic shrimp & pork, a fully vegetarian miso mushroom, and an okonomiyaki slider. The okonomiyaki slider is a Japanese-American mashup which uses two mini pancakes to sandwich a beef patty. Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) and hashimaki (okonomiyaki on a stick.

Osaka Grub’s founders are London expat David Senn and native New Yorker Diana Tam. The co-owners met in Tokyo, Japan where they lived and worked for a combined 8 years. A shared love for okonomiyaki spurred the beginning of this fast food startup. They debuted in the LIC Flea & Food in April 2015.

They will be open six days a week from Tuesday – Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Do not care. Am so tired of food concept announcements.

Anonymous said...

Food looks okay, but man, is it ever micro-portioned for the price point. Six bucks for one slider and the hashimaki that looks like you can ghost it in one bite? $4 for less than a handful of fries as a side? $6 for five one-gulp karaage bites? Those extreme closeup pics aren't very convincing once your brain does the spatial math.

Guess this is our price vs. portion reality for new foodie endeavors now. I wish them well, but I don't know. These are tapas-style portions at sit-down restaurant style prices for a food meant to relax with, not real NYC street eating. Better off getting a pizza slice with one or two toppings from a pre-made pie for $4, or a real filling deli sandwich.