Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Report: Steve Croman due back in court today

Vanity Fair files a piece on Steve Croman, whose real-estate empire includes 47 buildings with 617 units in the East Village. (As previously noted, Croman owns more buildings in the East Village than any other landlord.)

In May, Croman of 9300 Realty was hit with a 20-count indictment on charges including grand larceny and filing false documents ... as well as a civil suit via the New York state Attorney General's office. He faces up to 25 years in prison. Croman pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges. Per the article: "The civil suit is seeking to strip him of his real-estate business entirely and force him to pay millions of dollars in fines and restitution to tenants."

The Vanity Fair piece notes the "fever dream" pace at which the Cromans — Steve and wife Harriet — live on the Upper East Side and in the Hamptons. "They feted their son with a bar mitzvah under the whale at the Museum of Natural History, at which pop star Ariana Grande sang a tune for the crowd."

Croman, 49, has hired Ben Brafman, "the famed attorney who is also representing the so-called 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli in his securities-fraud case." They are due in court this morning.

Brafman told Vanity Fair that they are "working diligently in the hope of ‎reaching a global agreement with the Attorney General that will resolve both the civil and criminal cases" against Croman.

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Via the EVG inbox...

Tuesday, June 21st, at 9.15 am sharp, please join some of Steve Croman's tenants as they meet and greet their indicted, disgraced landlord in front of 100 Centre Street. Steve will be heading to the Criminal Court on the 13th floor immediately after.

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les native said...

I hope they convict

Anonymous said...

This is just like the olde days when the whole town came out to shame a criminal (I know innocent until proven guilty)....

Giovanni said...

If Croman evicts, you must convict.

Anonymous said...

Let him dangle.

IzF said...

Did anyone get any pics from this morning down on Centre St?

Anonymous said...

It's not just Croman alone that needs to be brought to justice, it's also his equally guilty wife HARRIET KAHAN CROMAN who is as corrupt as he is, if not moreso.

Then there are their gutter girl property managers... Annabelle, Janeth, Laurie, Angela, Deborah, Liz who are as bad as his tenant relocator Anthony Falconite and Croman's front man, Oren G. What a freak show and the lowest forms of society.

May Schneiderman go after each and every one of them....every dog has their day and their Karma awaits all of them.

Worst Tenant Ever said...

Well Steve...The shoes now on the other foot - How does it feel?

Now you know what it feels like to be mercilessly dragged to court
in the same inhumane way you have ruthlessly and repeatedly dragged hundreds of your tenants to court over all these years.

The best punishment for you is to live in a room coated with toxic lead and crystalline silica renovation dust that you have to breathe in 24 hours a day and you get asthma and can't breathe, just like you do to your tenants. Then may this same room be freezing cold, and go to sleep shivering day after day, with no hot water to bathe, and many days of not having any water at all and no gas stove to cook on, just like you do to your tenants. May your ceilings crash down and water leak down ruining everthing you own in the world. May you be forced to live through construction day in and day out cracking all your ceilings and walls, and the mice, insects and rats enter where you sleep and crawl all over you and may the bedbugs eat you up,
just like you do to your tenants. May you be treated like garbage by the people around you and broken financially and emmotionally by lawyers harassing you day and night, just like you do to your tenants. Well Steve, you did this to yourself. Your insatiable greed knows no bounds and your depraved indifference has caught up to you. You are finally getting a taste of what you do to your tenants. How does it feel Steve Croman?