Thursday, June 16, 2016

People's Pops not returning to the East Village

Back in July 2011, the team behind Brooklyn Flea and Chelsea Market regular People's Pops opened a, uh, pop-up stand on Seventh Street near First Avenue...

To date, the People's Pops pop-up stand has been quiet so far this season. Word is People's Pop will not be returning to this location. (We reached out to PP for comment.)

There are still numerous locations for PP's locally sourced fruit pops and shaved ice, such as in Park Slope or on the High Line.

And no word on what might become of the PP structure alongside Golden Food Market here.

Thanks to EVJackie for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Booooooo! Hissssss!

Anonymous said...

Bummer, they had some interesting flavors and it was fun to have them nearby.

blue glass said...

too bad - something too good to lose.
i will miss them being so close to home.
perhaps a pop-up liquor infused artisanal locavore hand rolled organic ice will replace it.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

That's too bad - they had a plum/strawberry pop that was to die for.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that commenters here seem to be bummed about the departure of something that describes itself as the following:

- "only the best fruit from nyc greenmarkets"
- "seasonally inspired flavors"
- "handmade in brooklyn"
- "hand shaved from a 75 lb block of crystal clear ice"
- "the best fruits, herbs, organic cane sugar and nothing else"

and for catering, say "we offer shave ice, boozy shave ice, pops, and even have options for customization"

each popsicle also costs over $3

Now, I love People's Pops. But I also love a lot of the other things that folks who comment here seem to really hate on. The descriptors above seem to be the same things that folks DO NOT like about many of the new places that open up in this neighborhood. These sound like the things you often mock about new places! There has especially been a lot of anger towards places that cater towards sweet treats and other items for, as you call them, "kidults."

I am super curious about what makes it a bummer to lose this, while at the same time, places that open up with similar characteristics are boo-ed. I don't say this out of sassiness or to be a troll-- I'm genuinely curious. I've been reading this blog for a few years now, and I just don't really understand what make some things good and others bad in the eyes of others who live here and read this blog. Can anyone shed some light on this?

The East Village Idiot said...

@ 2:28PM -- because contrary to local legend, the people around here are just as hypocritical and lacking in self-awareness as everyone else on this dung heap falling faintly through the universe.

blue glass said...

to annon June 16, 2016 at 2:28 PM

i never read the description of peoples pops you list and it might have turned me away - it was the list flavors on their chalk board that drew me to them. $3 is a little high for an ice pop but have you looked at the price of those shaved ice servings?
their real fruit pops were special, nothing like them around here, not a big chain, seasonal for freshness.
my favorite was plum basil, and i do not even like plums, wow

Anonymous said...

Who? What is closed? That's how kidult I am.

Anonymous said...

Raffi bought the shack and wants 12K a month.

Eden Bee said...