Monday, June 27, 2016

At ABC No Rio's last HardCore/Punk Matinee on Rivington Street (for now)

ABC No Rio is winding down its programming this week as the 36-year-old cultural center on Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton will be demolished this fall to make way for a new "environmentally friendly" structure at the site.

On Saturday, ABC No Rio hosted its last HardCore/Punk Matinee in this space. Brooklyn-based photographer Walter Wlodarczyk shared some photos from the show...



[Short Leash Snort Bleach]

[Short Leash Snort Bleach]

There are several "in exile" punk matinees coming up this summer, first at Silent Barn then Aviv, both in Brooklyn. Check the schedule here.

And you can discover more of Walter's photography work here. He has an active Instagram account too.

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Eden Bee said...

Great show!

Anonymous said...

like that last shot!!!

Anonymous said...

You never see girls dancing at these things. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

I dunno, saw some girls in that pit, only reason I stayed out is my husband had recent surgery so me and my girl were kickin' "stage"/crowd divers off him back into the pit during Dissociate. ;p

Anonymous said...

Yo hitting people who dance and stagedive is not cool. Do that at another show and you could get hit back.