Thursday, June 30, 2016

Report: Pushcart Coffee co-owner elected CB3 chair

Jamie Rogers, the co-owner of Pushcart Coffee, which has locations in Chelsea and Gramercy Park (and formerly in the East Village), was elected to lead CB3 during Tuesday evening's full board meeting.

The Lo-Down has the details:

Rogers succeeds Gigi Li as board chairperson. She wasn’t able to run for a fifth one-year term due to CB3’s term limits.

Rogers defeated Enrique Cruz 34-11 after both candidates delivered brief statements and answered questions submitted by members of the all-volunteer board. Alysha Lewis-Coleman was elected first vice chair, defeating Chinatown activist Karlin Chan 42-5. Herman Hewitt was elected second vice chair, while Meghan Joye (secretary), Christian De Leon (assistant secretary) and David Crane (treasurer) also won positions as executive officers.

It was a reportedly contentious meeting prior to the election. Housing advocates arrived to protest "the board’s handling of a community-based Chinatown rezoning initiative," per The Lo-Down. As DNAinfo reported, CB3 officials "called in police officers to keep the peace."


Anonymous said...

Careful what you wish for. Poor bastard.

Anonymous said...

Someone new just might pay a little attention to what is going on the neighorhood instead of sitting in an office listening to jibber jabber about nothing important.

Anonymous said...

His first act is to grant full liquor license to his business.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Thats what I thought too. How many bars will he open?