Tuesday, June 28, 2016

EV Grieve Etc.: Protection for commercial tenants; Renovation estimates for Beth Israel

[Sidewalk sale on 7th Street from Sunday. Photo by Susan Schiffman]

The Mayor expected to sign legislation today establishing safeguards to prevent harassment of commercial tenants (DNAinfo)

Longtime LES resident Rev. Jen has been evicted, and her Troll Museum is being dismantled today (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

A conversation with Jonas Mekas, the 93-year-old artist and filmmaker, and founder of the Anthology Film Archives on Second Avenue (ARTnews)

Hospital officials say renovating Beth Israel would have cost $1.3 billion (Town & Village)

CB3 chair vote is tonight (BoweryBoogie)

Hi-Collar on East 10th Street named among the best iced-coffee drinks in NYC (Gothamist)

About Paradise Alley, an artists enclave on Avenue A through the 1960s (Ephemeral New York)

[A red-tailed hawk juvenile in Tompkins Square Park yesterday via Derek Berg]

Carroll Gardens neighborhood favorite Bergen Hill relocates to Cooper Square (Grub Street)

"The Lams of Ludlow Street" (The Lo-Down)

Check out Goggla's photos from the Drag March leaving Tompkins Square Park (Laura Goggin Photography)

More about “The Holdouts,” a comedy series about New Yorkers who can’t afford to live in the new New York (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Photos of the Ramones by Danny Fields (Slate)

The surprising backstory of White Zombie, "It Came from N.Y.C." (Flaming Pablum)

...and EVG contributor Steven spotted Theatre 80 proprietor Lorcan Otway outside 80 St. Mark's Place... building a model whaling ship....


Anonymous said...

Sidewalk sale, baby!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to buy all my non-food stuff off the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Lorcan told me a bit about the history of this building, which was bought by his grandfather. Leon Trotsky supposedly lived there in 1917 in the apartment on the third floor's right hand side as you face the building. I say supposedly because in his autobiography "My Life" he mentions an address uptown (164th or 165th St.) in the chapter about his stay in New York. He worked in a print shop on St. Marks Pl. across the street.


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember back in the late '80's the 2nd Avenue Bazaar (as all my friends called it)? People selling all kinds of thing along there from St. Marks down to 7th Street. I still have a script that I bought for maybe a dollar and a (now VERY vintage) Gucci tie that cost me two.

Anonymous said...

Trotsky worked on St.Mark's Place and lived on 164th or 165th Street - what else? Why mention uptown if you live and work on St.Mark's?

2ndAveSilverPanther said...

Yes, 6/28@ 2:21 PM, that "2nd Avenue Bazaar" was quite the spectacle. I lived (still do) on the east side of that block, and spent lots of time observing the lunacy of sales of merchandise of questionable ownership and/or value. The "clean-up" of the East Village has been problematic for some of us long-timers, but I was certainly glad to see that scene vanish.

Anonymous said...

Why were you glad to see it vanish? That part of 2nd Avenue outside of Gem Spa is pretty grim.

Gojira said...

The people I knew always called it the Thieves Market; everyone knew that if you got stuff ripped off from your apartment or your car, chances were very good that you would find it laying on the sidewalk on a blanket being offered for sale if you went there a day or two later.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck does one let his/her apartment get broken into? Hello? Top lock and/or deadbolt?