Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Exclusive 1st look at the new Firbimatic Eco-Green machine at Alice Dry Cleaners

Moving day today at Alice Dry Cleaners on Second Avenue between Fourth Street and Fifth Street ... as the staff replaced its Renzacci Multisorb®, which, at its height, represented very impressive load capacities with button trap drying boosters ...


...and here's Alice's newest model... meet the Firbimatic Eco-Green — aka "The Alternative Solvent Leader."

Sources tell us this Firbimatic features two filtration circuits, a solvent heater and fractional distillation. (I think you're going to notice the difference.)

Photos by EVG Dry-Cleaning Correspondent Derek Berg


Anonymous said...

image 2 - did that guys just come out of in there?

Anonymous said...

image 2 -- going in
images 3 & 4 -- the result after having gone in there

Anonymous said...

How many months?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm sure we will notice the difference - with a price increase.