Monday, November 10, 2008

Market price?: Recent college grad will sleep in your yard or garage for $100 a month (anywhere in Manhattan)

From a Craigslist posting. Can't guarantee that this is authentic, but...:

$100 Yes I'm that crazy, but I want the minimum possible (anywhere in manhattan)

I want to get rid of my expensive rent and be semi homeless. Obviously there are a lot of risks so I'm wondering if there's anybody out there willing to lower my risks with a certain place to stay. I know the economy is bad so maybe you would like some extra money. I want to believe that there are people who are willing to help a person in need. I have up to $100 to spend on housing a month. Could I sleep outside in your backyard? Sounds crazy I know, but I've been practicing as I plan to get rid of my rent. So I'm in no danger of dying or getting sick. I'm probably the healthiest person within any given 2 mile radius. Maybe you have unused space in your garage. I could buy a filter/face mask. All I need is a small 6 x 3 corner of your living room. I have a sleeping pad to sleep on the ground as I prefer it to the couch. I can actually sleep on 3 lined up cushioned chairs.

I would only use your place for sleep. I will pay for any extra services/amenities. My goal is to live as simply as possible and try to be as unobtrusive as possible (unless you like having me around, I'm a very laid back good listener). I would wake up in the early morning and leave right a way and come back at night at a convenient time for you (unless I'm sleeping outside). I have one large book bag which houses all of my supplies.

I actually do have a lot of knowledge skills that could better your life if interested. I graduated magna cum laude at a tier 1 school recently. So maybe in return for room and board, I can provide errand services. I can clean your house, cook, pick up your dry cleaning, movie tickets, make reservations, wait in long lines, food shopping, walk your dog, water your plants, house sit, pick up your mail, research work on the computer etc. Anything that I can do while listening to music is fine. I'm in love with the Internet, and I read up on all sorts of information. I think I'm pretty qualified to tell you how to effectively learn languages, how to strength train and lose weight, what kind of gadgets to buy, how to save hundreds on groceries. My main passion lies with personal health (i'm cut with a six pack) and I'd love to help educate you on fitness and even cook great meals for you.

[Via New York City Metblogs]


Jeremiah Moss said...

they should meet the guy who's trying to rent out his bathroom--did you read that? i think it was on curbed.

Anonymous said...

No, I missed that article!

Not to make that of this young man's plight (if it is true), but it's not a bad deal...Maybe get some six-pack abs out of it too?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't Mrs. Grieve carve out part of her garden for this young man?

Anonymous said...

if this is looking like things to come--it is not a pretty sight--
I wonder how people without help can start off in NYC --living in a toilet is not man's aim in life--

Anonymous said...

Not a sign to come, but a reality that is already here...You would be amazed, as a twenty-something myself, how many friends I have who have empty pockets right now.