Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One opinion (not mine) on the "Top Ten Dirtiest Bars in New York"

Meet Now Live's Nightlife and Bar Guide just featured the "Top Ten Dirtiest Bars in New York." Presented here in its entirety without comment. (Oh, as an aside, the post featured a photo of Mona's with the caption, "You can smell this place through your computer." However, Mona's wasn't on the list.)

You’ve all accidentally stumbled into a bar that’s so disgusting that you wouldn’t even send your ex-girlfriend’s rich, better looking new boyfriend to. That bar that smells like throw-up and poop on top of a freshly burnt cat? You know what I’m talking about. Here’s a rundown of those bars.

1. Mars Bar - East Village - Why? Let’s just say last time I was there, there was a used bloody condom in the window sill.

2. American Trash - Upper East Side - Why? This place is the unflushed turd left in the toilet at the frat house that is the Upper East Side. Go here to score drugs.

3. Billymark’s West - Chelsea - Why? This place was featured in a previous post giving it the title of “Weirdest Bar in Manhattan.” Loaded with local homeless people, this place is more shelter than hot nightspot.

4. Rawhide - Chelsea - Why? Rawhide is your typical rough ridin’ Gay joint. Fully equipped with big burly old men who drag tiny little boys out the door 24/7. Stay away or go have some fun…either way.

5. Welcome to the Johnson’s - Lower East Side - Why? The used, very old, “white trash” furniture is just plain musty. Don’t sit down or else you’ll get herpes.

6. McSorley’s Ale House - East Village - Why? This place is gross due to its age. One of the oldest bars in NYC, McSorley’s sports an old spongey bar top, 2 types of beer (Dark or Lite) and has an inch of sawdust on the floor. Tread lightly because you may step on an old drunk that went missing 2 nights ago.

7. J Mac’s - Hell’s Kitchen - Why? J Mac’s is a dingy little place you can stop off at on 57th street right before you head out on the West Side Highway. Other than that? Not really sure why anyone would go here.

8. Blarney Cove - East Village - Why? Just walk by this place and peak your head inside. That’s about as far as you want to go with this place.

9. Down the Hatch - Greenwich Village - Why? Although this IS one of my favorite Saturday drinkin’ spots, DTH is pretty dirty. The fact that it is in a grungy basement doesn’t help at all.

10. Pussycat Lounge - Financial District - Why? Part awful strip joint, part stink hole, the PCL is a great place to die. No one will ever find you.

Honorable mention: Jimmy’s Corner & Coyote Ugly.

Of course, Mars Bar and the Blarney Cove are two EV Grieve favorites...


Anonymous said...

how the hell can rudys midtown not be on here

Anonymous said...

Big Easy, upper east side anyone...I think it still have my vomit from the summer there somewhere, and some kind of STD either by the 5 beerpong tables or the Jersey/ LI girls there, take ur pick. But all the reasons i Love IT.

Anonymous said...

WOW...How did the Patriot downtown miss this list. Far worse than the above mentioned. Last time I was there, there was no men's stall just a pile of ruble where it used to be...

Anastasia said...

This brings back fond memories of the time I used the bathroom at Mars Bar, and someone had shit everywhere BUT the toilet.

Which still hasn't stopped me from going there.

Anonymous said...

All this brings back memories of the Village Idiot... pretty sure it had the market cornered on that stale-beer-mixed-with-urine smell.

Anonymous said...

Mars bar for sure... Outrageous.