Tuesday, December 7, 2010

East Side Gourmet Deli closes on Avenue B

The East Side Gourmet Deli, formerly known as Cibao's, has closed on Avenue B at Fourth Street... Papi and company cleaned out the store on Saturday...

We don't know why the market closed ... perhaps the competition from the new salad tossers at East Village Finest Deli across the street... Anyway, some longtime residents on Avenue B recall the 1980s when there were other items for sale and what not in the back room here...

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Anonymous said...

I lived on 3rd b/t B&C in the early 1980s. I was a young punk rock girl and here is what I remember:

There was tons of herion.
People stood on the corner offering "works."
I saw a real gun (not on a policeman's holster) for the first time.
All summer Sukiyaki Love blared from giant speakers that people put by their windows so they could sit outside and have music.
There was a lone post office on the street surrounded by bombed out buildings.
All the Puerto Rican drug dealers used to yell out "Hey Punk Rock" when I walked by in my platinum crewcut.

It was a fantastic place to be.