Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There are 6 LES apartments on the market for more than $7,500 a month

You know last week we had that post on the $30,000-a-month apartment on East First Street, which we figured was the highest-ever rental in the neighborhoood... The B@C (Blumstein at Corcoran) real estate blog had more on the topic... and Team B@C confirmed this:

"I’ve looked in Corcoran’s system, and despite one apartment that was briefly listed as a $2,150,000/month 1 BR (likely off by a factor of 1,000) it would indeed by the highest rent commanded in the area.

"No matter where you are in the city, rents like these mean you are getting something unique and/or huge. While there is only one other apartment over $20,000 currently (or ever) on the market, 6 tip the scales at $7,500 or more per month. For an area as big as the EV/LES this is a reasonable number of high end apartments. With a relatively low apartment density and as most buildings are 100 years old and chopped into studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms, rentals like this are rare to come by. Comparatively, the Upper East Side currently has 83 units over $7,500/mo, and the Upper West Side has 70. Of course, both these neighborhoods are relatively large, have many more mid-high rises and with locations (of some) right on Central Park they command high premiums."

Here is a listing of the six $7,500-plus apartments in the Lower East Side available now.

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