Monday, December 13, 2010

Monk Thrift shop yielding to a Chase branch?

That's the rumor anyway here on Avenue C and 11th Street, where the Monk Thrift Shop has shuttered. (Just last week.) Someone please call Rev. Billy.

And tough times continue for thrift stores...

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glamma said...

oh man that's adding salt to the wound. rev billy, help!

Lisa said...

The guy who ran this place was a real asshole; I am sorry to lose another thrift store but not to lose him. I gave so much good stuff to his store that he had no problem taking; one time I had something in a bag that he didn't like and he actually came out of the store and followed me down the street telling me he didn't want to take it, that it was crap. (It was a 19th century nicely-bound copy of Milton's Paradise Lost. So a literary critic he wasn't.) Never gave him anything again, now I take it to the thrist on 2nd and 12th. Good riddance to bad neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Just let it be a bank then because Avenue C is the worse. A real shitshow!
Some of the creepiest, lounges, pubs, bars and restaurants are on C.
That place The Sunburnt Cow is the worse! Even during the day on weekends in the community garden you can hear a bunch of screaming wooing jackasses. They should soundproof that place. It's not fair that even during the day on weekends people can't get any peace in the community garden.

Lets see there's Zum Schneider, The Summit Bar, Alphabet Lounge, Bedlam etc.. The people who hang out at these places think that they are all that.
Bunch of idiots! These people don't stand for anything and don't have much to say.
They flood avenue C on the weekends and leave behind puke and trash. I don't understand how Avenue C became a strip of liquor licenses.
It seems to me that people who live on and around Avenue C haven't done much to protect their block. A lot can happen with just a few people. I heard that there is someone who lives above Esperanto who can't take it anymore. Well why not get some of the other long time residents together and form a group or block association. I know for a fact that the people who live above Zum Schneider hate it. Look to the people of North Avenue A for help on organizing.

It was apparently only a few people who came together to fight the illegal rent increases in Stuyvesant Town.


Anonymous said...

I'm a neighbor and glad to see that Thrift Shop go. We would put out free stuff on the sidewalk to share with our neighbors. The thrift store would grab it and then sell it. It got to the point where we would need to guard our give-aways.

A Chase Bank on Avenue C is a good idea. The neighborhood lacks banking resources, resulting in check cashing places (or even worse banking alternatives) taking advantage of the people.

I like Rev. Billy, but this is an example of a Bank doing the right thing.

Jill said...

@anon 12:29 I'm also surprised that the residents of Ave C don't seem to care about what's happened.

I wonder what the makeup of those buildings are - long time residents or recent grads? If it is the former I suspect they have had a lifetime of landlord disputes and have given up. If it's the latter, then they will move when their lease runs out to a quieter block, and the next people who move in will stay a year and leave too. The only way you can get people to care about where they live is if they plan to stay a while.