Friday, April 8, 2011

A few clarifications about the new 24-7 diner on Avenue A

Keith Masco followed up with us after our post about his new 24-hour diner coming to 171 Avenue A.

The menu we were working from the South Williamsburg location was outdated. There are no BBQ shrimp pancakes or chicken-fried burgers. "These were ruled out very early in the game ... and although Matzoh Brie is still on there, the only other really eccentric thing on the menu is our Brooklyn Bolognese, which is mac and cheese topped with Sloppy Joe. And it's addictive," he said.

You can find the most current menu at Menu Pages here.

One last thing... the Avenue A location will be known as BADBURGER... Masco and his business partner, Steve Lynn, have split the two concepts. Lynn will keep the B.A.D. name in Brooklyn.