Monday, August 15, 2011

33-unit, Karl Fischer-designed building rising at former home of Community Board 3 member

On Friday, Curbed reported that a Karl Fischer-designed, 33-unit apartment building is coming to 316 and 318 East Third Street, which is between Avenue C and Avenue D.

In May 2010, we posted info about the sale of the four-story brick townhouse dating to 1900. It was on the market for $3.995 million.

According to the listing, "The townhouse is surrounded on 3 sides by bucolic garden, open lawn and mature trees. The townhouse itself is not landmarked, and there are approximately 22,900 buildable square feet available to the purchaser of these combined 2 lots, offering myriad opportunities for creative expansion."

Several readers and tipsters at the time said that the home was owned by Barden Prisant, a member of Community Board 3. Prisant confirmed this via a message on Facebook. We sent him a message on Facebook asking for comment on Friday. We have not heard back yet.

Meanwhile, Karl Fischer is keeping busy in the East Village. On July 21, we first reported that Fischer is bringing his luxurious touch to 427 E. 12th St., where a six-story, 11-unit residence will rise.


JM said...

This one breaks my heart. What a beautiful old home. And for what? Another ugly glass piece of crap that no one will ever give a damn about.

Anonymous said...

Who is Karl Fischer and why does he get to (re)design 1/2 of NYC?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Great. 33 more luxury EV apartments for young professionals with a bunch of roommates in a hot stop along the way to finding a place somewhere else to eventually settle down because it's too expensive to raise a family in NYC any more. When is Bloomberg gone again?