Monday, August 1, 2011

And now, another place to shop for tattoos and tobacco accessories on St. Mark's Place

Speaking of new businesses on St. Mark's Place ... there's a new tattoo-tobacco accessories-piecing shop called NYC Kulture opening in the St. Mark's Strip Mall that also houses Chipotle and Supercuts...

So... better than another $1 pizza place or froyo?

Previously, the space was home to the short-lived St. Mark's Cafe...

...and before that, Red Mango and the CBGB shop...

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Anonymous said...

I recall the maiden tenant there was a "Quiznos" subs.

Pretty soon this whole block will be nothing but Asian restaurants and tattoo&bong parlors. Seriously. Such a strange block.

Lady Zombie said...

I'm happy it's not another Sushi restaurant. I mean, I enjoy Sushi, but enough is enough.

I'll make a point to check this place out - thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Well, there certainly was no need for another tattoo shop on St Mark's!

A good cafe would have been better.

- East Villager