Thursday, August 4, 2011

Community gardens main selling point for million-dollar condo on East Eighth Street

So this two-bedroom condo with a balcony... an in-unit washer-dryer ... Zuma soaking tubs ... Peitra Cardoza counters in the kitchen... is for sale over on East Eighth Street near Avenue C.

With all these fine amenities, what does the listing start with?

"Surrounded by community gardens and a half block from Tompkins Square Park, 331 East 8th offers high design and functionality in a stunning environment."

Noted a very special friend of EV Grieve: "It does sound better than 'surrounded by blocks that would have gotten you killed 20 years ago...'"

Anyway, it's going for $1.299 million... and you're in luck — there's an open house tonight from 5:30-7.


Anonymous said...

will there be wine and cheese at the open house

bowery boy said...

I wonder if the City and Guliani had gotten their way years back, would this apartment be Surrounded by taller buildings that block any view, and the asking price be cut in half?

ghostinthemachine said...

I live the other side of the "community block" and urm well it's not for everyone in the community. So not really a selling point. Oh and their havens for rats. They seemed to not mention that.