Monday, August 15, 2011

Jerry Delakas' Astor Place newsstand will live a little longer

[Photo via Facebook]

Jerry Delakas, operator of the iconic newsstand on Astor Place, as been given a temporary reprieve from efforts to evict him, the Post reports today. He now has until November until the city can toss him. And the fight continues.

Read more about Delakas at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York.


Anonymous said...

The place is barely ever open and barely stocked. If it is past the morning rush even if he is there packing up newspapers he will not sell you a paper.

Not much of a public convenience. It's ridiculous someone feels differently about the public benefit of renting the space to this guy.

blue glass said...

maybe he didn't stock up because he was afraid that he'd be kicked out any day and did not want to throw away precious dollars.

what is the benefit of renting the public space (for free) to the "new" cooper union.
and why couldn't the city save the trees?

after all bloomburg has spent tons of dollars planting baby trees all over the city.

what's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

Blue Glass - if you were familiar with how Jerry runs things you would know that in all his years he has never had a well stocked stand and has been open for only short, random hours.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree this newstand just takes up sidewalk space and isn't much of a benefit to the publlc. he needs to abide the terms of his lease or walk away.

these concessions are for the public good

The Paper House said...

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