Monday, August 1, 2011

Sinkhole forming on Second Avenue at Seventh Street

Uh-oh! We have another sinkhole forming on Second Avenue at Seventh Street... (We had one here two summers ago...)

... this one promises to get serious enough to attract corporate sponsors for the City.

Anyway, be careful.

Flashback to August 2009!

Second Avenue sinkhole gets first celebrity endorsement


Anonymous said...

Hope it's a large hole as all the yuppies and there poodles might not fit Just say it is chez pothole with VIP seating and .....

Anonymous said...

And when they're in the cleverly named "chez pothole", you'll move right to the front of the line of all their favorite places to eat, drink and shop? Or just enjoy a suddenly empty neighborhood?

*sigh* I guess even public works issues are a reason to hate your neighbors.