Saturday, October 15, 2022

Saturday's parting shot

A tail of two cities today near Union Square ... photo by Derek Berg...


DrBOP said...

- do those lizards leap?

- lady in red be secretly diggin' on that tail

- shouldn't that read "Two tales in one city"? After all,
there is no second city

- reptile alien overlords not even bothering to hide it anymore

- Yankee fans contemplating the imminent collapse

- talk about gettin' some tail

- walk a mile with my tail

- Slimy Jared and Rapacious Rudy in a scene from "Community"
making amends

- these pre-pre-Halloween parties are getting out of hand

- Ryan and Anna from "V' blissing the nabe

- Village Voice critics discussing if John Goodman is a better actor
with the weight off

- House Of Dragons rejects

DrGecko said...

You have never heard of the lizard people. You will not receive another warning.