Friday, February 17, 2023

A for-rent sign arrives at the former Café Cortadito as the curbside dining structure exits

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Workers yesterday removed the remains of the curbside dining structure from the now-closed Café Cortadito at 210 E. Third St., just east of Avenue B. 

The Cuban restaurant closed at the end of January after 18 years in business following a rent increase from $8,000 to $15,000 per month. 

Ricardo Arias and Patricia Valencia, the husband-and-wife owners, said they would be dismantling the curbside dining structure. Before workers hauled off the remains of the structure, the owners had donated some salvageable parts to the nearby community garden and given away remnants to patrons who requested a souvenir from the restaurant.
Meanwhile, a for-rent banner arrived on the gate... (perhaps cooling the rumors that next-door neighbor Poco would take over the space)...
The broker is also repping the other available storefront in the building — the former Solo Pizza, which closed last fall on the Avenue B side for unspecified reasons. (Allegedly a rent hike, per sources.) 

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Anonymous said...

I live on this block and it feels so refreshing to have that structure removed, its just so much more open and less gross.