Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Incoming 99-cent pizza shop now with 99-cent pizza signage

A variety of signage has arrived outside the incoming 99-cent pizza spot at 418 E. 14th St. just east of First Avenue.

As previously noted, this may reset the bargain pizza market... as inflation forced other local cheap-slice merchants to up the price by 51 cents to $1.50.

No word on an opening date here.  


Anonymous said...

How cheap are the ingredients in this stuff?

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

Slices will be 3 inches wide

Tom said...

I walked by today, March 24, 2023, and was surprised to see that they opened! They got banners and everything. BUT, the price of a slice is not 99 cents (despite what the big store sign says). Rather the price is $1 dollar. And if you want a slice with, say pepperoni, it'll cost you $2.50.